Handy Juicer & Meat Mincer In Pakistan



Handy Juicer & Meat Mincer In Pakistan

Well-suited to juicing fruits and vegetables, grapes, watermelons, pears, apples, pineapples, oranges, lemons, corns, celeries, cucumbers, carrots, etc.suitable for travel, camping, or for any time you want juice on the go without the need for electricity.
4-in-one kitchen tool; minces, grinds, and makes fresh pasta from scratch
Quickly & easily grind meat, vegetables, beans or garlic; just turn the hand crank / Comes with two stainless steel screens; fine mincing plate and coarse mincing plate / Can also be used to finely mince or vegetables for baby food
Attach the sausage funnel and impress your guests & family to healthy and delicious homemade sausages
Comes with two pasta attachments spaghetti and linguine



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