Bluetooth Fidget Spinner In Pakistan


  • Rechargeable LED Bluetooth Fidget Spinner.
  • Connect with any phone and enjoy music.
  • Charges via standard android phone charger


Bluetooth Fidget Spinner In Pakistan

This is a great and exclusive fidget spinner hands toy for Kids. Led Bluetooth Fidget Spinner is in new style with music. You can Connect your mobile or tablet through Bluetooth and then spinner speaker allows you to listen your favorite music while spinning. It has switch for on or Off your music and led lights. It has also data cable for charging your Fidget Spinner. Once you charge your spinner, you can be used continuously for 5 hours. It helps relieve stress as same other Fidget Spinners. Easy to carry and best choice in boring time. It has light Weight is about 30 gram. It sale in many colors like red, green, blue and white. This Led Bluetooth Fidget Spinner Price in Pakistan is very low. You may buy this Bluetooth Fidget Spinner in all over Pakistan through Cash on Delivery Service.


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